Pinwheels for Prevention

By Caitlin Bootsma

Many people associate pinwheels with carefree, happy childhoods. Pinwheels are a simple delight to play with and can bring joy to children. Pinwheels are also the symbol of the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign, which takes place annually each April.

Pinwheels for Prevention seeks to raise awareness during Child Abuse Prevention month and to encourage caring adults to support and protect children. Every child deserves a bright, happy and healthy childhood and future.

Taking part in the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign is just one way that you can get involved in child abuse prevention. If you're a part of a church or other organization, you could buy pinwheels and display them in the building or on the front yard. Individuals and families can also take part in this awareness initiative, by either purchasing or making their own pinwheels, using resources like those linked here.

Displaying a pinwheel is a simple gesture, but it can have a significant impact. First, it reminds us to be vigilant for the safety and well-being of children in our lives. Second, it is a sign of solidarity with others who work so hard to keep children safe, particularly during current times. Third, it is a way to share with others and educate about the tragic reality of child abuse and how we can better protect children.

Whether you choose to display a pinwheel or not, this month is the perfect time to make an annual assessment of how you support the well-being of children in your community. Is there a way that you could step up in your community through service or education? Are there other safeguards that could be put in place where you work or volunteer to better protect children? Each of us has a part to play; thank you for all that you do!

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