Saint Vincent de Paul: Advocate for the Poor

We are kind hearted people, and the works that we do individually to assist the poor in their plight for freedom are more than exemplary. Our individual efforts collectively formalized through the ministries of the Church feed millions physically and spiritually. Throughout our history, the Church has always stood together with the poor and our ministries have been led by inspiring men and women who made a major difference in the lives around them. Saint Vincent de Paul was such a man. He made the poor a priority and his legacy lives on today in the religious communities he founded, and in the thousands of Saint Vincent de Paul societies he has inspired. 

Poverty, Jesus reminded us, will always be present (John 12: 8) and is a horrible tragedy that haunts and divides us. While we have no problem giving and serving, the solutions are not always fully comprehendible and our frustrations come frequently to the surface. We often give up; making judgments about the ineffectiveness of our charity, who gets what and how it assists those who need it. Corruption runs amok, and we are often discouraged and abandon all of our giving efforts due a lack of trust. 

When doubt enters, fears continue to divide us. We save more for ourselves in fear of many things, and we become suspect of other's intentions. We all know that feeding the bodies and souls of our brothers and sisters is paramount to our Christian call. How each of us does that is up to us, and there is room for every kind and charitable act that we creatively undertake. Please continue! Please do not be discouraged in the face of any adversity that might tempt you otherwise. Thank you for all that you do! May the good Saint Vincent de Paul guide, protect and inspire you. 

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