Raising Confident Kids

We all want to raise confident kids, but it's not always as simple as it seems. The following are some good reminders for instilling confidence and self-esteem in the children in your care. It takes a village!

Time: Spend time with your children! Time together shows them that they are valued, loved and worthwhile. 

Guidance: Psychology Today says to "Stop controlling and start coaching." By providing this sort of guidance, you are encouraging independence that is tempered by prudent decision-making.

Independence: Children will never grow in confidence if they aren't allowed to truly do some things on their own. Consider age-appropriate things that they can do, i.e., make dinner, pet sit for a neighbor, or pursue a passion that they choose for themselves.

Listen: Help your children understand that their challenges and struggles are real and worth thinking over. You can do this by spending time listening with your undivided attention and strengthening your relationship.

Encouragement: It seems obvious, but we should use our words and actions to affirm their efforts to succeed, to grow in virtue and to persevere. 

Model: Children learn by observing. If we cultivate our own self-esteem, children will notice and, hopefully, follow our example!




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