The Many Faces of Fatherhood

He is the first to hold you, his eyes betraying the tremendous love he has for you already.

He was a role model throughout your youngest years, more than an uncle—a second father.

He was at every ball game, encouraging you, a grandfather who helped you aspire to be a better player, a better teammate.

He was honest with you when you made bad choices. He showed compassion, but also gave you a dose of reality so that you could make better choices next time.

Father's Day is more than a "greeting card" holiday and it holds many different shades of meaning. For many, it is the day that we remember the impact our fathers made on us, and honor them with a gift, phone call, or visit. For others, it is bittersweet, as they mourn the loss of their dad. Still others may not have had a loving relationship with their biological dad, but had other father figures who guided and cared for them.

For the men reading this today, you have the opportunity to be a father figure in the lives of others, whether that be to your own children or those you work or volunteer with. Today we recall that strong, kind, virtuous men can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child. On Father's Day, considering making a new commitment to be a mentor to the youth in your lives.

Male and female, each one of us can also take a moment to thank father figures for all that they do. Be specific in your thanks—they may not realize how much their presence is a gift to others!

Happy Father's Day!

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