Pope Francis and Motherhood

"Mary is the mother, and a mother worries above all about the health of her children, she knows how to care for them always with great and tender love. Our Lady guards our health. What does this mean: Our Lady guards our health? I think above all of three things: she helps us grow, to confront life, to be free. A mother then thinks of the health of her children, teaching them also to face the difficulties of life." —Pope Francis

  1. Our Lady helps us to grow: Mothers everywhere, in the image of our Blessed Mother, encourage their children to grow in every way possible-to reach beyond themselves and strive for great things. Mothers, most especially, guide their children to grow in Faith by teaching through example.
  2. Our Lady helps us to confront life: Through the inspiration of the Blessed Mother, mothers teach their children how to be strong to face the difficulties in life. They teach their children balance and how to take and embrace risks.
  3. Our Lady helps us to be free: Through Mary's original "Yes!" to God, she emulates freedom for all of us. The freedom to say yes to God's plan for us and to accept the task of making good decisions that root themselves in love. 

Each May, we take the time to honor our mothers, and in a special way, Mary, the Mother of God. The connection between the two is a powerful force fused in the heart of God. We do well this month to honor both of these women as best we can, and any other woman whose influence has changed our life. Salve Regina!  




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