Pentecost Sunday

If I were you, I would celebrate Pentecost Sunday with your family flying kites somewhere! Feeling the power of the wind certainly is reminiscent of that first Pentecost where the disciples and Mary received the Holy Spirit that wonderful day. The power of God's creation in that great wind changed history that day, and the liberation of being touched by tongues of fire propelled them to speak in every language-teaching, praying and celebrating the message of Jesus. Their mission was clearly set before them, and they followed it intensely. So much so, that thousands were converted that one day alone.

How will you celebrate Pentecost this year? Will you fly kites? Preach the great news of the Gospel without using words? Spread the kindness of Christianity through good deeds? Make red gelatin (the color red is a symbol of the Pentecost) and serve it to your kids and their friends? Visit an elderly person and bring them a red velvet cupcake and say a Pentecost prayer together? Will you smile at a stranger? Hold open a door? Donate a little time for someone in need? Buy some freeze pops for the local food pantry? Write a letter to a friend with whom you have lost contact? Forgive someone? Ask for forgiveness from someone you have hurt? Will you take yourself for a walk and notice the beauty around you? Will you tell someone that you love them? Will you show someone that you love them? Will you make a conscious effort to teach someone something?

Come Holy Spirit!
Fill my heart with an appreciation for all that I know of my Faith, and all that I do not know. Guide me to understand what I do not know, and inspire me with strength and wisdom, so I chose to say and do the right things. May all I do honor You above all things and may it boldly proclaim the Love you have for your children.


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What is Your Opinion?

Is there ever a time where you have needed to exhibit great courage with regard to children?