Child-Proof Bedroom Checklist

Children's rooms are the perfect place to start when you are trying to child-proof a home. Not only do youth spend a lot of time in their rooms, they spend a lot of time without your direct supervision when they are sleeping, so you want to make absolutely sure that there is nothing hazardous!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are evaluating the current safety of your child's room:

  • Is the crib or bed near a window? Especially with young children, you'll want to be sure they can't climb out a window from their bed, resulting in serious injury.
  • Are there any dangling window cords? These cords are a huge strangling risk. Consider updating your window blinds to newer, safer models, or retrofit the ones you have to make them safer (you can find instructions at
  • If you have a crib, are there any loose or missing parts? It is essential that cribs be put together correctly and have the mattress fitted snugly and well so that a baby is not at risk.
  • Is bedding age-appropriate? Babies should not sleep with a pillow or coverings that they could get smothered by. 
  • Are outlets covered? Many children are tempted to play with outlets; outlet covers are cheap and easy to install!
  • What electronics are in the room? Could anything overheat? Any fire hazards? 
  • Could furniture tip over? Whether it's from opening all the drawers on the dresser or an energetic kid trying to scale drawers or a bookcase—furniture can and does fall on children. Test the balance of the furniture and adhere it to the wall, Even if it seems stable.
  • Is anything sharp or breakable? This should be obvious, but even if your child has never tampered with breakable objects, their bedroom is not the place for them. Especially at night when you aren't around, those decorative objects can easily get moved and break. No matter what, there should be a clear path to the door.
  • For older youth—cell phone and computer chargers: Make sure laptops, cell phones and their chargers are kept off the bed and unplugged from the socket when not in use.

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