Thanksgiving: An Opportunity of Grateful Giving

Yummy turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce and all that goes with it! A holiday of warmth and appreciation that everyone loves. Gathering with family and friends, united with hearts of gratitude and love, we gather each year to celebrate our many blessings. The warmth of this holiday fills everyone with a joy that seems to wash away the worries of the world-if even just for a day. With hope, the shopping, cooking, setting up and cleaning duties are shared equally, and the burdens are spread around for all to carry. In the same way, if each family invites one other person who might be alone or in need, the joy is spread even more fully. 

It is important for someone to take the lead in offering thanks and praise at the beginning of the feast, and to remind the people who are present of those whose bounty is not as fortunate. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to count blessings and to share them, and many businesses, families and groups organize their giving around this holiday. Many turkeys and much food are donated at this time of year, and so greatly needed. This Thanksgiving, why not try to plan your day of giving or volunteering around a time that is most needed by an organization? Ask local food pantries and agencies when they need donations or help the most, perhaps in the dead of winter or the heat of the summer, and plan an opportunity for you and your family or group to have a special Thanksgiving at that time-giving what and when it is most needed. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture-perhaps give a bag of canned food, a small chicken, bread items, etc., to your local parish food pantry or agency when the shelves are bare.

Thanksgiving is one day, but the opportunities to share are endless. A Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!




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