Checking In With Ourselves

January 28 is the feast and birthday of Saint Thomas Aquinas, a priest of the Dominican Order. He is greatly revered as a philosopher, and Doctor of the Church, who contributed much to our understanding of theology and scripture. He is quoted as saying: "The things that we love tell us what we are."  

What exactly are the things we love in our lives? Can you believe that it is 2020 and we are already nearing the end of January! If you made some new year's resolutions or if you were too busy or too tired to make any, perhaps now is a good time to check in with ourselves. The decorations are put away (or will be soon), the thank yous have been given, the candy, treats and special foods have all given way now to simpler meals, like a tuna sandwich and a cup of tomato soup.  Some have embraced diets, reaffirmed their 10 thousand "step" excercise promises and are already into their new way of thinking. Many of us, however, are still catching our breath and getting a few extra ZZZZ's to make up for too many long nights and lines in shopping malls.

What do we love?  What, or who, are the things that we attend to in our lives? Do we do so in a spirit of love and willingness, or with begrudging and resentful attitudes? Do we carve out enough time for ourselves each day (yes, each day, not each week or month!) to enrich our life with peace, serenity and tranquility? Do we know what mindfulness and savoring are? (Do an internet search and be enriched!) Do we put ourselves first before attending to the needs of others? (That old "put your oxygen mask on first so you can help others" admonition!)  

Take some time this week and check in with yourself.  Make a list of persons and places to see, and things you want to do in 2020, and put yourself first, so that, in loving yourself, you bring your greatest gifts forward.  

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