Saints Peter and Paul: All In!

"How good it is to give thanks to you, O God! To sing in your honor oh most high! To proclaim your constant love every morning, and your faithfulness every night!" (Psalm 92: 1-2) You may remember this old tune from the 1970s. It is really a beautiful hymn and the tune exemplifies the words. 

June 29th is the celebration of Saints Peter and Paul, who gave their lives in love of the Lord. Both men come from very human backgrounds whose lives exemplified the call of Jesus. They were transformed by the power of God's call in their own lives and embraced their missions with vigor. Like Jesus, they suffered and died for their Faith. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for their service and model for a way to live. 

Paul's words are lovely, challenging and rooted in conviction—and sometimes are hard to take for some people. Peter's early doubts and fears make us wonder how Jesus could have been so confident in him, but the Church stands two thousand years later on the rock Peter stood on and fortified. The foundations of our Church were always humble, layered in humiliations and marked by enormously hard work and sacrifice. Our mission was never easy, and Peter and Paul show this to us through their lives of conversion, transformation and dedication.

Are we following in their footsteps? Are we giving into the temptations of believing that God's work is for other people and not us? Are we not putting our spiritual lives in the center of our being and allowing it to permeate the ways we live, work and move about? People talk about being "All In" to a party, an event, a road trip, a celebration or project. Peter and Paul were "All In!" It is our turn. All In?



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