The Good News of Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

"Commend your way and whatever troubles your heart to the sure care of Him, who controls the heavens; He who gives clouds, air and winds their paths, course and track, He will also find ways where your feet can walk."—Johann Sebastian Bach, Saint Matthew Passion, 1727

The Passion of Jesus is proclaimed each Palm Sunday to bring to our minds and hearts the deep love that God has for each one of us. When we feel alienated, lonely and isolated, it is God's great love that sustains us and pulls us through. When we walk through the steps of Jesus' passion, we continue to be ambassadors for Christ—not mere witnesses to turn our heads in horror, but to assist Him in accepting the great burden he bore for our sins.

The Creator of All did not leave us to face our perils and challenges alone. Jesus' presence in the world is the clear message of God's love for us. Following Him, we soon come to know that He walks side-by-side with us, not ahead of us pulling, or behind us pushing, but with us hand-in-hand. He points out the places to avoid, the roads to accept, and the rough terrain for which we must prepare. We will always make it; we will always endure, and we will someday rejoice with Jesus. This, we must hold as a mantra. The message of the Love of Passion Sunday is one of conquering. It is of triumph and glory. There will always be a place for us to walk freely, securely and with pride and dignity.

They will always know we are Christians by the passion we embrace and the resurrection we live.

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