For All the Saints Who From their Labors Rest

The Church celebrates all Saints, known and unknown to us each November 1st. We are blessed to know many of the histories of our beloved Saints who have paved the way for us and for many before us, who sought to model their lives on these holy men and women. From farmers to scientists to Popes and Kings, Queens and to peasants, the Saints of our Church have shown many paths to holiness in service to others and for the honor of God.

Saints before us have died for their Faith, have spread the good news of the Gospel far and wide and offer us inspiration, protection, intercession and miracles to assist us on our earthly journeys. When we read of the lives of the Saints or hear their stories, we are humbled and inspired at the same time. When we are facing difficult times, and the road ahead of us seems grim, we can stand on the shoulders of the Saints who have gone before us, and they lift us up and give us a new sense of purpose and inspiration. They are guiding lights for us, and we should never fail to call upon them to intercede to God for us. We should not be shy is asking for their protection and assistance. We should count on them to be our support and guidance, most especially in times of need.

Let us pray in thanksgiving to God for his gift of the Saints to all of us:

Thank you, good and gracious God,
for the inspiration and enlightenment 
You have given the holy men and women
we recognize as Saints.
We honor You through them,
and we celebrate their great sacrifices,
love and joy in spreading the Good News.

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