Alleluia for Christmas!

"Alleluia, Oh how the Angels Sang, Alleluia, how it rang, and the sky was bright with a holy light, 'twas the Birthday of a King!" —William Harold Neidlinger1

This beautiful lyric from the song "The Birthday of a King" joins a long list of the symphony of Christmas music that has blessed us for centuries.2  Neidlinger was devoted to helping children living with disabilities and used music to assist them. Each of us has our favorite Christmas song, and Christmas is never complete without hearing it, singing it and relishing the memories it invokes. Tears come to our eyes when we remember the favorites of our parents and grandparents. We carry forth the tradition of teaching it to others and we keep the torch bright in our hearts to welcome the baby Jesus and to keep us warm with memory.

So much is made of Christmas, so many traditions and must haves. A great deal of effort, time and energy is expended to celebrate with family and friends. We need Christmas, most especially at the end of every year to remind us of who we are and what our priorities ought to be. The Christmas songs refocus us on Jesus—and His presence in our world and in our lives. Wars have stopped for Christmas, and rightly so. Christmas should end all hurts and poverties. Christmas should extinguish the darkness forever.

Christ our light! The star beckons us to greet Him lowly in a manger with a father and mother whose love wrapped him warm and kept him safe already from those who are fearful of Him and would cause Him harm. They were afraid of Him and His power; we are not. We are drawn to it and bow at His feet singing "Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth Peace to people of Good Will."

This Christmas, seek out the light, embrace it, sing it out and celebrate not only for a day, but for the whole year.

Merry, merry, merry Christmas to you and yours from the grateful VIRTUS family.

1  Song, "Birthday of a King," by William Harold Neidlinger (1863-1924).
2  You can listen to "The Birthday of a King" here:

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