Being Tethered to God

So many people experience a crisis of Faith and don't know what to do or where to turn. They seem to have fallen away at one point from their connection to the Church—for a myriad of reasons. This is not an article about judgment, rather, an invitation to re-connect with the very Faith you need to sustain you. Some are angry, some have been hurt, and others feel alienated, not listened to, or ignored. Some are just worn away by the trials and tribulations of life and see God as somehow responsible for the bad things that have happened to them. Some suffer terrible illness or disease and feel abandoned. Some have lost loved ones and are grieving in dark, lonely places.

The prayers and traditions that we grew up with no longer sustain some—they long for a deeper connection, but just don't know how to go about it. Some simply are lost.

Please know that if this is you, or you know someone going through this, we are praying for you in a mighty way. We love you just as you are and accept you where you are in life. Please know that God's love and mercy is wide and vast and that we need you! We need your gifts and talents and your presence to be with us. But, if you find it impossible to be with us, know you are tethered to God always, and to His people. Though you may feel adrift or feel that we are adrift—we care about you and want the tie that connects us to be strong.

We are sorry if we haven't made room for you or given you the attention you need and deserve, and we wish we could change your situation. Instead, we endeavor to change ourselves—to recommit ourselves to our Christian ideals, draw ourselves closer to Jesus, and emulate Him as best we can. Person by person, we promise each time we gather at Holy Eucharist to be more Christ-like and to make the sacrifice we need to join fully together in the Body of Christ. Together, we can accomplish anything.

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