STOPit - an exclusive partnership designed to enhance our safe environment initiatives

STOPit is a simple, fast and powerful solution to report inappropriate behaviors, deter immoral, unethical or illegal activity, and mitigate financial and reputational risks to churches, schools and the entire spectrum of charitable ministries.

STOPit can prevent or reduce bullying, cyberbullying, molestation, violence and other forms of exploitation, helping to ensure that your ministry remains a powerful source for good.

STOPit creates the ability for instantaneous and anonymous communication -- as an email, text, video or audio -- of information regarding bad behavior, as it is occurring or before it can occur. Bystanders can become Upstanders without risk of reprisal or retaliation. Meanwhile, STOPit provides an automatic logging mechanism for faculty, staff and administrators to maintain an electronic record of their positive interventions, available as a legal defense in the event of a lawsuit alleging failure to act.

Make sure you avail your organization of this powerful tool for good.

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