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Heightened Awareness

Heightened Awareness

There are so many things to consider during this time of crisis. Kids are staying home from school and are home, perhaps alone. A recent USA Today report indicated that "Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable U.S. children could face a heightened risk of abuse and neglect [...]"  Read More

  • We Are Scared, but God is Ever Near

    We have glimpses of how isolated and lonely victims feel, even when there are psychologists, physicians, family and friends all around them. We feel alone, scared and don’t know what to do.

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  • Lenten Practices

    We have a few weeks left yet to Lent, and in these few weeks we are given the opportunity to focus, or, refocus.

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What is Your Opinion?

Right now, are you having difficulty remaining calm in front of a child (or children)?


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