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How do we know which friends and adults are safe?

Most people in a child's life are safe and they deserve the respect and trust of both the parents and the child. However, some people cannot be trusted to protect children or to act only in the child's best interest. These are unsafe people, and they do not deserve our respect or trust. The challenge is to identify which adults are safe and which are unsafe.  Read More

  • Viral Videos & Deadly Pranks

    Caring adults who have supervision over children should be aware that "car surfing" and "skitching" are popular trends, and that it’s important to talk to kids about these dangerous stunts. This is especially important in the summertime when children may not have as much supervision during the day.

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  • Reconsidering Kids' Daily Bath

    Sometimes, it's hard to discern what is common practice because it's actually healthy vs. what is just a cultural norm. Believe it or not, daily baths are not actually proven to be the best way to ensure kids' health.

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What is Your Opinion?

Anonymous question - Have you ever car surfed or skitched?


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